Posted on: 20 Mei, 2007

Tadi malem pada nonton Titanic di RCTI ngga?

walopun aku pnah nonton, tetep gregetan juga. Pa lagi ada Leonardo yang cakep itu lho *kedip-kedip*

*nulis paan lagi yaph?*

aku paling suka pas adegan di pesta. Rose kayaknya seneng banget. Jacknya lagi arrgg……..*histeris*

aku kasi fotonya:

eh… tunggu-tunggu!

kok ada gambar Ron sih? ngga nyambung

oh ya, yg aku inget cman “Iceberg, right ahead!!!!”     

gya ahahah….

eh… aku copy di salah satu web

“Iceberg, right ahead!!!!”      


Reviewed December 20, 1997 – Check out the Titanic web site.

At a production cost of $200 million, Titanic is to date the most expensive movie ever produced.  At a three and a half hour runtime, it is also one of the longest.  For all this money and for all this time, however, what Director James Cameron delivers is an amazingly powerful and compelling drama that, at least in my opinion, is worth every penny spent on it.  As you’d expect from a Cameron production (Aliens, The Abyss, T2), Titanic is a technical wonder of a movie.  The reproductions of the Titanic as sunk ship and as new ship are simply incredible, and the nearly “real-time” re-enactment of the Titanic’s tragic final hour leaves an indelible impression.  If this is what you’re looking for in Titanic, run to the theaters now!

Disaster-movie fans be warned though, there’s more to Titanic than the sinking of a very big ship.  At heart this Titanic is really an epic love story, and in this again it’s a very good one.  The two main characters in the romance are Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet).  Jack, the poor wandering American scraping his way through life, and Rose, the upper-class society girl who feels trapped in her existence–two people from different worlds brought together on history’s grandest and most tragic ocean voyage.  Is this simply Romeo and Juliet at sea?  Maybe, but it works.  Credit DiCaprio and Winslet for some great on-screen chemistry and individually charismatic performances, producing some of the most intimate and compelling moments in recent memory.  Indeed, the powerful love story in the midst of impending tragedy helps Titanic resonate on many levels, not only bringing the events of April 14, 1912 to life, but personalizing it through the eyes, ears, and hearts of Jack and Rose.  Titanic is a story of friendship, love, courage, and sacrifice…what more could you ask from a $200 million film?

With an effective supporting cast including Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, and Gloria Stuart (who is wonderful as the 101-year-old Rose), Titanic is definitely a film to see.  Is this a technically stunning disaster film or an emotionally moving love story?  Well, it’s both!

Responses from cyberspace–thanks for writing!

di sini aku ngopynya….

tappi belom selesai kemaren. baru sampe kapal nabrak es terus si Rose ngebebasin Jack.

yah begitulah…. 🙂

*perasaan seneng banget ya aku ngapdet blog :P*


2 Tanggapan to "Titanic"

ge seneng banget sama filem titanic ni,,,walaupun udah sering di ulang berkali2.ga da bosennya buat di tonton!!!!!
gw seneng di semua adegannya,,,apa lagi waktu jack(Leonardo),,di borgol trus rose nyelametin dy.
n’ yang paling gw suka adegannya waktu kapalnya mulai tenggelam dan pecah jadi 2.
trus waktu kapalnya berdiri 180 derajat,,dan brakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
gila sumpah keren banget.

giLa!!!!!TITANIC tuch bi4R gw nonton bRapa x pun nGg4k bakaLan p3Rnah bosaN deCh,malahaN m4sih mW diuLang lg dR aW4L…………paL4g! paS RoSe ma JacK beR4da di uJuNg kaPaL wKt TITANIC yG tertuLis TITANIC LIVERPOOL tRuZz kPLx b’d!ri 180 deR4jaT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!seRu b4Nget pRenK…………………….

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